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6:00 PMVB Parent Mtg (NEW DATE!)
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5:00 PMMiddle School Tryouts @NGHS Main Gym
Thursday, Jun 16
5:00 PMMiddle School Tryouts @NGHS Main Gym
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NGHS VB Dinner/Banquet Tickets On Sale Now!

Please join us for a great night in celebrating ALL the NGHSVB Teams!

Monday, November 15th at 6:30 pm

Tannery Row Ale House

554 W. Main St., Buford

PLAYERS and COACHES are FREE!  All other family members purchase your tickets below by Saturday, Nov. 13th!


Varsity Makes it to Elite Eight Again!

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Congratulations to our girl Joya!

North Gwinnett Varsity Named USMC-AVCA Team Academic Award Winner

North Gwinnett 2021 Team Preview

North Gwinnett

Head coach: Kristina Stinson

2020 record: 30-7, state semifinals

Returning starters: OH/DS Kendal Crumpler, Sr.; L/DS Lindsay Kahren, Sr.; RS/OH Gabby DeRosa, Sr.; OH Joya Screen, Jr.; MB Kadyn McCarthy, Jr.

Other key players/newcomers: DS/L Abisola Adedipe, Sr.; DS/L Mariela Sojo, Sr.; OH/RS/S Sarah Portnell, Jr.; DS/L Katherine Mollette, Jr.; DS/L Liah Kuramoto, Soph.; DS/L Daniela Domkam, Soph.; S/RS Mia Ambrosi, Soph.; MB Esosa Ehigiator, Fr.

Coach’s take: “I love the energy that this team brings into the gym. The way that they have encouraged one another and have built each other up already very early on this season has been a wonderful thing to witness. We have a very talented and passionate group of returners that helped lead us to our Final Four finish last season, and we have a great, versatile and eager group of newcomers. They all will contribute to our team's success this season. Our seniors and upperclassmen have set an example throughout the summer for our younger players to follow and emulate, and now we are excited and ready to see what the 2021 season has in store for this team.”

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